Pallbearers carry the coffin of Chokri Belaid as thousands of Tunisians are gathered at el Jallez cemetary to attend the funerals of the slain opposition leader, near Tunis, Friday, Feb. 8, 2013. The Wednesday Feb. 6 assassination of prominent government critic Belaid plunged the country into one of its deepest political crises since the overthrow of the dictatorship in 2011. Watching the events in Tunisia, where a leading anti-Islamist politician was recently assassinated, members of Egypt's liberal opposition are fearfully asking, Could it happen here too? There are reasons for concern: hardline clerics have called for the killing of opposition leaders, and activists say there are worrying signs that show the ruling Islamists are targeting their ranks _ disappearances of activists from protests and telephone death threats. With Islamists convinced the opposition is trying to overthrow President Mohammed Morsi, there is fertile ground for violence. (AP Photo/Str)

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